Specialist in clear, consistent and concise copy
AMANDA WEBB has more than 15 years’ sub editing and production experience, working full-time at major publishing houses such as Fairfax
and Australian Consolidated Press, as well as privately owned trade
publication specialist, The Intermedia Group.
In 2000, Amanda launched her freelance sub editing service, which has
thrived and diversified since she gave it her full attention in 2006.
While she has specialised in business and technology magazines for many
years, Amanda has more recently turned her sharp eyes to sub editing
books (children's, novels, medical and travel ebooks), websites, marketing materials, blogs and newsletters. This is a fast-growing aspect of her freelance service as more businesspeople recognise the importance of the written word and how perfect copy makes a great first impression on the reader, no matter what the subject matter.

As the client testimonials below attest, prompt, reliable turnaround is
Amanda’s speciality and her work is of the highest quality.
If you’re after clear, concise and consistent copy that flows beautifully
and engages your readers, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda on
mobile +61 (0) 408 942 021, or email: for a competitive quote.
Contact Amanda:
AMANDA WEBB's freelance sub editing rates are reasonable and competitive.
Quotes can be provided on an hourly or flat rate (for large editing projects).
Please contact her to discuss your project's scope and requirements on:
MOBILE:    +61 (0) 408 942 021

 "Amanda has done several jobs as part of my team and each time she impresses me more than the time before. She has an obvious love for the work she does and it comes across not only in the editing but in her management of the whole job from regular progress updates, meticulous note taking throughout the process and a detailed report at the end of the job. I would happily recommend her services to anyone looking for the best of the best."
− Kylee Legge, The Publishing Queen,

“Amanda Webb came highly recommended and we very quickly understood why. She has edited our technical reports for more than two years and we are continually amazed at her professionalism, ‘can-do’ attitude, comprehension and understanding of our sector and our jargon, not to mention her ability to see what we can’t. Her turnaround times are legendary when they have to be − she is a key part of our team, never lets us down and helps make us look good for our valued clients. She is highly recommended but we don’t want to lose her...”
− Anne Prince, Director, APC Environmental Management,

“I am very happy with the results and am grateful for the strong messaging that you have provided about me as a person as well as the services I provide.
There is a wealth of copy here for me to draw on at will and for all purposes whether it be a brochure, web site, article, or corporate profile. And so I thank you for the results you have achieved – that being, a concise yet flexible, professional, and attractive way to market myself and my work.”
Peter Barraket, Executive Coach - Senior Associate at People At
Their Best,

“Amanda has been a key partner in ensuring the editorial quality of two magazines I produce, providing an essential eye for detail and a creative mind for headlines/introductions. Despite working as an external sub editor, Amanda feels part of the WME Media team, both in her professional contributions and personal relationships. I recommend her to all without reservation.”
− Richard Collins, Editor, WME Media
“Amanda is a wonderfully upbeat and consistently hard-working and productive member of any team, large or small. During the process of writing my first book (a small 60,000 word tome all about my favourite subject, champagne), Amanda was quite simply my ‘rock’. Not only was she on time and on message with every sub editing project presented, Amanda was also incisive in her feedback on content and direction, and her droll sense of humour was perfect for putting the smile back on my face after any dose of writer’s block! I can wholeheartedly recommend Amanda as a partner on any publishing project.”
− Champagne Jayne Powell, award-winning Author, Sparkling Edutainer, MC and Media Personality,

"Amanda, you are amazing! I can never thank you enough for your  work on my court documents. I couldn’t have articulated my experiences in such a factual and illustrative way. The document was praised by my law firm as being one of the best he had seen in his 20 years of practice. Your kindness and understanding  made all the difference during the difficult and painful  process of producing the document. I highly recommend Amanda, her standard of work is to be commended."
- Kristine Scanlan, Central Coast, NSW

"It's not often that you meet people with both left and right brain harmoniously balanced. Amanda Webb is one of those people. Having known her only a few short months, she has blown me away with her determination to transform my business. Her passion has inspired and motivated me to focus on what is going to move SCOPE Coaching to the next level. (Hey, who's the coach here?) Amanda calls herself a sub editor, I would call her a business coach that can design, write copy, edit yours, a visionary, Speedy Gonzalez and an inspirational, talented achiever – who really cares. Amanda knows what I need; we have a little chat then she promptly produces  something outstanding. She makes amazing jewellery too. So, I recommend that you meet her quick smart and make a connection,  I assure you that you will be as impressed as I am."
- Sharon Cullington, Life Coach, SCOPE Coaching,

"Amanda was highly recommended to me by others in the industry and now I have the pleasure of recommending her. I introduced Amanda to one of my clients for sub editing technical reports. These reports have tight turnaround times and highly technical material that require the skills of a true expert. Amanda delivered high quality reports and exceeded my client's expectations. If you’re looking for a professional, speedy and quality outcome, Amanda is the one for you!"
− Oshan de Silva, Specialist Consultant, ENSURE Engineering
“Amanda provided sub editing services to Veolia Water for a water operations bid. The quality of her work was exceptional with a very quick turnaround time.”
− Richard Mueller, Projects and Engineering Manager, Veolia Water Australia
“I asked Amanda to do an editing job of an extremely boring nature. Someone had to edit the Australian franchise manual for our business and she eagerly agreed to do it. As always, I needed it done urgently and whilst she was editing a book for my good friend Champagne Jayne and poring over pages from numerous magazines, Amanda still managed to edit my manual. She kept me in the loop, was straight in her communication and worked tirelessly to produce a first class job.
“Nothing is ever too much for Amanda, she has a huge capacity for producing top quality work and I highly recommend her. With years of experience in journalism and editing and her ‘can do’ attitude, she is a wonderful woman to do business with.”
− Suzy Jacobs, Director, She Business Australia,
“Amanda is a steadfastly reliable sub editor, with a skill for making business-to-business content interesting. She is able to turn copy around quickly and consistently, and is a pleasure to work with. Her flexibility, flair and willingness to explore new concepts and subject matter make her an asset to any publication choosing to use her services.”
Charis Palmer, Editor, Online Banking Review & Retail Banking Review
“I am the editor of MIS Magazine at the Australian Financial Review and worked with Amanda Webb for two of her five years at the title when she was our sole sub editor/production editor. The magazine was run as a fairly small team and Amanda’s position was one of significant responsibility and was vital to the success of the performance of the publication. This was recognised when she was promoted to production editor in 2004.
In her core responsibility of sub editing, she was an excellent performer, with a great eye for detail and an ability to really elevate a story with a clever headline or a subtle change to the way it was written. Her talents were publicly acknowledged in a national journalism awards ceremony, when she was named Sub Editor of the Year at the Sun Microsystems IT Journo Awards 2003...
On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda and found her to be both professional and a great personality to have around, who added a lot more to the office than just filling her job description...”
− Paul Smith, Editor, MIS Australia, the Australian Financial Review
“I had the pleasure of working with Amanda when compiling my professional brochure for a new business venture. Amanda offered excellent service and added much value to the wording and design of my brochure. I was impressed with the way Amanda was able to interpret my brief and meet the professional objectives in a timely and organised manner. I can highly recommend Amanda for freelance editing services.”
− Alisa Lollback, Registered Psychologist, Bayview, NSW
“Amanda kindly read and edited the first draft of chapter one of a novel I am writing. I found Amanda to be a very professional, skilful and insightful editor.
“Although the chapter has significantly changed since Amanda reviewed it, her editing knowledge and assistance was very beneficial.”
− Michelle Griffiths, Author, Putney, NSW
“Amanda, thank you for all your help with the copy for my website, considering my tight deadlines. Those tweaks made all the difference. You truly are a gifted wordsmith.”
− Laura Powell, Director, Housecandy,
“I hired Amanda Webb in 1995 when I was managing editor of PC Magazine. We ran two editions, one in Australia and one in New Zealand. Initially, Amanda was the editorial assistant. I noticed she had great attention to detail − and in an emergency asked her to handle some difficult proof reading.
Pretty soon, it was clear Amanda had a talent for proofing − and by extension sub editing. Before long, she moved to a role with far more responsibility − and was more than capable in the role.
PC Magazine is a technical title − the editorial material sits at the difficult end of the spectrum − yet Amanda handled the challenging material with great skill.
She is fast, reliable and consistent. There wasn’t much time for training, but Amanda has a natural affinity for language and was extremely quick on the uptake − I rarely had to tell her anything twice.
I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Amanda again if I needed a skilled sub.”
− Bill Bennett, Freelance Editor, Writer and Publisher
“We have used Amanda's services several times for website copy, and to review direct marketing letters and email newsletters. We have found her a pleasure to work with and she always keeps us in the loop as to where projects are at. Amanda's work is solid and to the point.”
Michael Chin, Director, The Profit People
“I’ve used Amanda Webb’s sub editing services for a variety of projects over the years. Amanda has a great eye for detail and can turn around excellent copy super-fast, without skimping on quality. I would definitely recommend Amanda and plan to use her sub editing services again.”
− Trina Tune, Freelance Writer and Online Content Producer, Trina Tune Freelance
“Amanda Webb has provided subediting services for Inside Waste magazine for the three years I have been its editor. She has done a fine job of ensuring I don’t look like an idiot because of poor spelling or misplaced apostrophes. I have every confidence that articles she has checked will read well and reflect well on the publication and the author... 
...Over the years, she has come up with some cracking headlines, and provided an important sounding board for new content ideas...”
− Garth Lamb, (former) Editor, Inside Waste
“Amanda Webb has been employed by Categoracle Pty Ltd since early 2006 as a sub editor, initially to assist in the design and content of the company’s website and marketing collateral at start-up. Since then, she has edited the greater majority of Categoracle’s presentations, reports and client proposals.
Amanda has at all times acted with great professionalism, not only adding significant value in her area of expertise, but also demonstrating very high levels of skill, creativity and dedication.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda, who is someone of great integrity, highly passionate and very honest. Amanda’s exceptional work ethic and quality output, together with her high level of accountability and friendly nature supplement her terrific sub editing skills, making her an asset to any group looking to lift the look and feel of their written work."
− Antony Wilson, Managing Director, Categoracle Pty Ltd,
"Amanda has the rare gift of understanding the power of words. She is a brilliant wordsmith who brings a wealth of experience, commitment and enthusiasm to her craft. Her love of language is apparent in everything she does."
− Rebecca Bernard, PR Specialist
“Amanda Webb provides sub editing services to our company for the production of our house journal – The Pentarch News. Having a large international clientele and operating across a diverse range of commercial disciplines, it is imperative that our message is delivered in a clear and succinct format. The combination of graphics and text is vital to the exercise.
Currently, some 150 copies are mailed internationally to more than 40 corporations in over 10 countries, plus the Pentarch Group’s six international offices. In addition, 200 copies are mailed domestically, to staff and the Group’s stockholders. Given this, the Board sees the publication of the Newsletter as a vital communications tool. Copies are also posted on Pentarch’s website.
To this end, we are most satisfied with Amanda’s contribution; she ensures the content is consistent and flows well, which is important, given the number of individual contributors spread throughout Australia. Amanda also ensures that the content is clean, without grammatical and punctuation errors, and is quick to flag any possible inconsistencies that may need my attention. Amanda’s speedy review process ensures we publish as scheduled and are able to forward plan forthcoming articles with confidence.”
− Bill Gregory, Corporate Relations Manager, THE PENTARCH GROUP
“Amanda’s attention to detail with her words is amazing. Don’t leave your copy unedited, seek Amanda’s advice first!”
− Tina Chin, Your Personal Style & Image Consultant,
Contact Amanda
AMANDA WEBB's freelance sub editing rates are reasonable and competitive.
Quotes can be provided on an hourly or flat rate (for large editing projects).
Please contact her to discuss your project's scope and requirements on:
MOBILE:    +61 (0) 408 942 021

"A good word is as good as a tree − its roots are
firm and its branches are in heaven."
The Koran
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